The artist

Gyan Dookie is a multitalented singer, songwriter, musician and martial artist. He was born in London, but moved to Finland at the age of five. In Gyan's music you can hear his main influences: blues, funk, rock, jazz, 60's hippie psychedelia and eastern spirituality. 

The educator

As a master of many styles and instruments he has also taught the magic of music to others. Many of his music students are today nationally or even internationally succesful recording artists: These include Jori Hulkkonen (guitar) and Kari Hulkkonen (bass) who play in Jukka Poika (number 1 in the Finnish charts in the spring of 2012), Raappana and Paukkumaissi (award winning children's music band), Soma Manuchar, a new exiting female singer & signed Universal Music record company artist, Samu Haber (guitar) from Sunrise Avenue (extremely popular in Germany), the rapper Seremoniamestari and the troubadour Karri Salo (guitar), to mention a few.